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What does a Digital Health Data Scientist actually do?

Nora Köberle (28), Digital Health Data Scientist at Vilua, reports.

When I explain what I do every day, many people are initially a little confused: "What? You can predict that I will have a slipped disc in three years' time? " Of course, that's not how it works.

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Data Scientist at work
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Vilua Healthcare: Successful certification according to EN ISO 13485:2016


Vilua, one of the leading German providers of data-based and user-centric B2B solutions in health care and supply management, was certified in October 2018 according to the international quality management standard for medical products EN ISO 13485:2016.

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Vilua Meetup on October 17, 2018

Ready for Take Off? - Data, Digitization and Health

Vilua invites you to a Digital Health Meetup in a familiar atmosphere in our Friedrichshain office!

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Thumbs Up!

Vilua keeps its certifications.

Berlin - Increasing digitization, higher requirements. Health services always have to take patient and user safety into account if they are to be used successfully. Vilua's high quality is reflected in ISO 13485 certifications.

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Vilua and iRewardHealth digitize reward programs

Berlin - Prevention programs of statutory health insurance companies are often still old-fashioned in its design and participants do not always have it easy to successfully complete those programs. With the digitization of reward programs, this is about to change!

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Junge Frau beim Sport die Vilua Services auf dem Smartphone nutzt
Vilua Life RollUp beim PAKt-MV

Bringing health promotion to rural Germany.

Rostock - Experts from all over Germany gathered in the picturesque and beautiful city of Rostock-Warnemunde from 24-25 May at the 14 National Conference on Health Economy to discuss trends and developments in the innovative health market. Vilua was present together with the PAKt-Mobile.

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Our second Vilua Meet Up on March 28.

Berlin - Experts and audience members discussed success factors as well as potential risks of a market expansion into the big US health care market. Especially for start-ups, financial and regulatory issues threaten to jeopardize a successful market entry.

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Vilua Panorama Menschen führen Diskussion
Beyond Digital Health

Beyond Digital Health Conference on November 22, 2017.

Since our last event in December 2016, lots of things have changed. First of all, Arvato CRM Healthcare and welldoo merged into our new brand, Vilua. Additionally, we have a new event format examining digital health outside of classic perspectives.

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Big success at our first Vilua Meet Up on February 7.

Berlin - Ole Wintermann (Bertelsmann foundation) presented his study on the future of work. Afterwards, a panel discussion was held to discuss which topics companies expect in the future and how every single one of us can stay healthy in everyday working life.

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Dr. med. Jens Härtel bei Vilua Meetup